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Merritt College ‘s Cybersecurity program Fall Semester 2019
Posted 5/8/19

Merritt College ‘s Cybersecurity program Fall semester 2019

Student after getting an A/S degree in Cybersecurity “Information Security Systems analyst" are being placed in career positions, earning six figures, with known companies. We have paid internships with Facebook, Kaiser. This program has been on Merritt College campus four years and is only A/S degree Cybersecurity program in California Community College system. We are looking for HS graduates, who want to learn computer skills, good hacking techniques to counter bad hacking of commercial or military computers. There are 350,000 jobs available for Cybersecurity certified person .. please let 10- 11-12 grade HS students know of this new career field

Cyber Security Program

Applications & Infrastructure Security Certificates of Achievement and Associate of Science Degrees

Students who are interested in attending classes this Fall semester semester 2019 now is the time to begin the enrollment process.

Click the following link to get started with the enrollment process:

Once student complete the online application, student must schedule his/her orientation and assessment before seeing a counselor.

A counselor will advise students based on their educational objective (Student Educational Plan – SEP) in relationship to their assessment and courses taken already, student will receive a suggested class schedule.

For the Cyber Security Program, student must complete CIS 5 – Introduction to Computer Science or CIS 6 – Introduction to Computer Programming. We also strongly encourage students to complete Math 203 –Intermediate Algebra. With these courses, students are ready to begin the Cyber Security Program

Review both program curriculum patterns located on the program webpage, links are located on the left side of the program’s main webpage:

Applications Security

Infrastructure Security

12th graders should start the process immediately and 11th graders might consider dual enrollment in CIS 5 or CIS 6 to prepare for enrollment in the next class, fall semester 2019

For questions, please feel free to contact Anita M. Black, or Courtney Brown,