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Jessica H. Lacaba



I was born and raised in Cebu, Philippines. I got married (1995) and moved to Batangas, Philippines. In 2001, I had an apportunity to move here in the US and teach in OUSD. Six months later my husband and two boys followed me here to the US. In 2002, I gave birth to my youngest son. On that same year I transferred to AUSD - Encinal High School and since then this has been my school. Currently all three of my boys are studying here.



High School: Cebu State College (Cebu, Philippines)
College: Electronics and Communications Engineering '87
(University of San Carlos, Cebu, Philippines)
Secondary Education major in Mathematics '90
(Southwestern University,Cebu, Philippines)
Credential: Single Subject - K12 Mathematics
(Cal State University East Bay - Credentialing Program)
CLAD Cetificate: UC Berkeley Extension


Courses Taught: Math

Email Address:

Voice Mail: 510-748-4023 ext 23306