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Shelley Grant



I was born in Palo Alto and grew up in Sunnyvale - pre-Silicon Valley. I worked in the private sector, both large scale and start-up businesses before returning to school to pursue my love of science.

Teaching/Educational Philosophy

I believe that education has the power to change lives. I am committed to always improving my practice through thoughtful refection and just plain hard work. But most importantly, it is the relationships that matter. As David Brooks said, "Kids learn from people who matter."

Personal Note

I became a teacher by accident. To curry favor from a professor, I accepted a Teaching Assistant position at Cal State East Bay. I fell in love with the challenging nature of the work and the complexities of classrooms. After teaching college, high school and middle school, I am committed to the opportunities that middle school affords in making a difference in students' lives. Plus it is crazy fun.



B.S. Business Administration, Haas School, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.
B.S. Biology, Cal State East Bay, Hayward, CA.
M.A. Education, Mills College, Oakland, CA.

Shelley Grant

Courses Taught: Science

Email Address:

Voice Mail: 510-748-4023 ext 23604