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Armen Phelps



I have taught music in California and Nevada for thirty years. I taught at Alameda High for two and a half years and now at Encinal for twenty six years. I started the Encinal Band review in 1996. It is known as one of the top reviews in the bay area
Our bands have traveled to Hawaii twice and Canada three times.
I played bassoon professionally with the Reno Symphony and Ballet orchestras.
I play jazz/rock saxophone professionaly. My favorite gig was with Frankie Valie.

Teaching/Educational Philosophy

Music is for life. I believe the arts are part of a basic education. People who learn an art can have that talent and enjoyment for life. We all need something like that to be complete.
Skills like music, that involve delayed gratification mold a persons' character for the better.

Personal Note

I have had the pleasure of teaching music my whole life. I am a lucky man. My greatest joy is that my son and daughter are in the Encinal Band this year!

Some of my other interests are boats, skiing, and gardening. I once sailed to Mexico on a 70 foot square rigged ship.
I have taught skiing and sailing.


B.A. in Music California State University Sacramento


Courses Taught: Music Director, Jazz, Concert, Orchestra and Marching Band

Email Address:

Voice Mail: 510-748-4023 ext. 2702