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Restorative Practice Center

Meet Our Peer Mentors

Hi! My name is Zander Lack. I like playing soccer and play piano and read books in my spare time. I hope to play Varsity soccer in college. That’s pretty much it.

My name is Kayla Ngai and I’m a sleep-deprived ٩(ˊ〇ˋ*)و and food dependent life-form constantly dwelling in make-believe worlds (∩` ロ ´)⊃━炎炎炎炎炎. I’m just another  junior (in year and in size, sadly ( ╥ω╥ )).  I enjoy bizarre things! (╮°-°)╮┳━━┳ ( ╯°□°)╯ ┻━━┻ Also, I am girl of eccentricity, determination, and a good samaritanଘ(੭ˊ꒳ ˋ)੭✧. I was addicted to hokey pokey but I turned myself around, and I find white boards re-markable (Haha! … (°▽°)(☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎). My hobbies include reading and listening to music.


I’m Lam Tran and I’m a senior. I am the greatest tennis player on the Men’s Tennis team. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask me.

I’m Tristan Hilario and I’m a senior and I am the yoyo man. If you don’t know what yoyo man means just ask me and I’ll show you. I also play on the Men’s Varsity Tennis team. I watch anime so if you hear something weird from me it’s from an anime. You can also talk to me about fitness. Fitness whole pizza in my mouth.

I’m Anisya Lustig-Ellison and I’m a senior here at Encinal and this is my second year with the RJC. I participate in a lot of activities on campus like tennis and helped to organize the Political and Proud event last year.

I’m Kinki Chung and I’m a Senior who plays Basketball & Badminton. I speak Cantonese & Mandarin.

I’m Naomi Ladenburg  Senior, plays soccer and likes math.

I’m Zeke Lerner-Wood and I was born in San Francisco and I grew up in Oakland, eventually moving to Alameda for elementary school. I’m a senior and captain of the soccer team. I want to make sure that every student gets an opportunity to learn in an environment in which they feel comfortable and safe, and I feel that working with the RJC is an excellent way to make sure students have that, in addition to much more.

I’m Kelinde Secrease and I Be 10 Toes Down Head Up Never Down

Hey! My name is Audrey Wismar and I’m a Junior.  I am super involved here at Encinal, and am excited to be working with you all here in the RJC.  I am on the girls Varsity Tennis team, Social coordinator for Model United Nations, President of Trailblazers, Encinal Representative on the School board, VP of the PTSA, member of the SSC, EHS Radio host, and Honors student.  I am a hardworking, positive student, and can’t wait to make some new friends! P.S. If you see me in the hall please say hello!


Hey! I am Lauren Lockhart a senior this year! Some interesting facts about me are that I am currently the President of the BSU, and in the past I have played myriad sports such as swim and softball. My hobbies outside of school include hanging out with friends and film. This past summer I and a group of my peers along with our film and radio teachers traveled to New Orleans to film a documentary about slavery in America. This is my first experience as an RJC member and I can’t wait to see what is in store for this year!


I’m Aloyouis Bruce and I’m a senior this year! I played basketball and ran track. My favorite thing to do on my free time is hanging out with friends and playing fortnite.


I am James Conable and I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and when I was 12 years old I moved to Alameda. I went to Wood, Jr. Jets and ACLC for middle school and started at Encinal in 2017. I am on the varsity swim team and the varsity water polo team. I really look forward to helping the people of Encinal and I look forward for 3 more years in the RJC!


I am Diamond Rogers and I finally made it to senior year! I started off in a small town in  Texas but I later relocated to Alameda California where I became a Jet at Encinal High School! Being a part of this school opened me up to a lot of activities like, Leadership, Youth Advisory Board, Black Student Union, and lastly becoming a member of the Restorative Justice Center. My goal this year is to make a positive impact on those around me.


I’m Annmarie Velasquez and I’ve gone to school in Alameda all my life! I’ve been a part of the RJC for two years and have loved every second of it. It has been really rewarding to give back to my community and help the younger generation in a meaningful way. Outside of school, I participate in DECA, soccer, track and the NHS. I can’t wait to help more Junior Jets through our mentorship and tutoring program.

I’m Sarah Skaff and I’m a senior this year at Encinal. This is my 3rd year working in the RJC. I’ve seen the RJC grow and change throughout the years and this year, now that the RJC is in the new student center, is going to be the best year yet. I play waterpolo and do swimming. I’m very friendly so if you see me in the hallways, say hi!

I’m Noah Meeks and I’m a Junior Egglette staying on the sunny side up, but I’m not fried. I eat an egg every single morning. I fry an egg. I was born in Texas and grew up in Southern California, eventually moving to Alameda in the 6th grade. Yolks on you, I like egg puns. They make eggcellent conversation starters. They have helped me break out of my shell. I enjoy cracking the main idea of egg cooking books in AP Egglish. If you don’t egget my puns, I’m not going to eggsplain them to you!

My name is Isaiah Smith. I am a junior. I play football and run track. I was born in Berkeley but raised in Oakland. This year I want to be able to impact people's lives in a positive way, either through mentoring them or just talking as friends.


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I’m Darla Kahl and I’m a senior, very easy to see in the hallways and I love it when people say hello to me. I am on the volleyball and track team. You can talk to me about anything!

I’m Abigail Adiong and I’m a senior.  I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new people through the RJC. I am available for people who want someone to listen to them. This is actually going to be my first year of doing this so please bear with me, but with proper training provided, I will be able to obtain new skills and learn more about the people here; rather than walking past each other in the hallways as strangers. I’m here for you along with a variety of other lovely people to talk to. Outside of school, you can catch me playing water polo in the fall and swimming in the spring.

I’m Paul Dolan and I’m a senior here at Encinal. I play volleyball and spikeball (join the spikeball club!) If you ever need someone to hang out with just say hi in the hallway!

(Adia): I’m Adia Hawthorne and I’m a junior. I’ve been here since sixth grade. I’m a cheerleader. I also run track.

Hey! I’m Rasha Aboughanem or you can call me Rachel, I go by both. I’m a junior now, third year here at Encinal. I like reading, any genre, same with music, except country. I play the violin and played softball freshman year. I am new to the RJC and I’m thrilled to be here. I’m pretty easy to talk and will listen to what you have to say, so when you see me, go ahead and approach me! I’m here for you, whenever, wherever.  

Hi! I’m Mason Layag and I’m a senior here at Encinal. I’ve grown up in Alameda and I am excited for my first year in the RJC. I play both Varsity Baseball and Water Polo and I’m also a part of NHS and DECA. I’m usually only around til lunch but feel free to say hi if you see me.

Hey!! I’m Mei-Lani Martin. I’m a senior here at Encinal High School. Some interesting things about me are, I’m the Captain of the varsity cheer team, which I’ve participated in for 4 years now. Also I participate in Track and Field for about 2 years. Basically, during my years of going to Encinal, I’ve engaged in a lot of activities and classes that have changed me as a person and as a student. And in my opinion, I still wanna become a better person because everyone could be better so taking RJC would assist me in doing that.

My name is Devion Jackson Seals and I’m a Junior. I love Basketball and other sports

Hello! My name is Mia Rossi and I am a senior here at EHS.  I am super excited to be working here in the RJC, seeing as I am an involved member of the community already.  I am VP of the Senior Class and super involved in all the leadership activities here, especially Homecoming, and don’t even get me started on how psyched I am for Prom this year!  I am also on the Varsity tennis team, and I love the environment! Catch me at the local beach cleanups and environmental protection rallies, or just around the school in the halls.

Hey! My name is Pierce Coppock and I am a Junior at Encinal.  You may not know me by name, but I’m the kid with silver hair.  You may see me biking around town or taking pictures.

I love photography and art and hanging out with my friends. I also play the guitar for fun, so hit me up if you ever want to jam!  In addition to guitar, I love cars, big cars, small cars, all cars are super cool. I enjoy making my friends feel stupid about their knowledge of cars while replacing my engine, changing the oil, or in some cases just opening the hood of the car. ;  I am part of the trailblazers hiking club and love being outdoors, but I am also a dedicated gamer. Whether I’m playing fortnight, or fill in the blank idk video games, you can bet I’ll be on the scoreboard.  Anyways, I look forward to meeting you all throughout this year, so don’t be shy!

My name is Olivia Featherstone and I am a Junior at Encinal High. I like to hang out with friends and waste my time on Netflix. I used to play a few sports, but I have bad knees, so, unfortunately, I am limited to cheering on my friends and little sister from the sidelines.  I am a member of the LGBTQ+ community and am a super friendly and accepting person, so if you feel like you need someone to talk to, consider me! I am very loud and obnoxious, so you’ve probably (almost definitely) seen me around the halls, so next time you do please say hello and introduce yourself!