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Principal's Welcome & Admin Team

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Daniel Hurst, Principal

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Jonathan Hohm, Vice Principal

I am very excited to join the Encinal family and call myself a Jet!  I have lived in Alameda for the last 14 years and look forward to working within the community I have enjoyed living in for so long.  Originally from San Diego, I received my B.A. from the University of Redlands.  Upon obtaining my teaching credential and moving to the Bay Area, I spent the last 13 years working for Newark USD.  My teaching roles in Newark ranged from teaching History and English to Middle School students at the Newark Community Day School, to History at Newark Memorial High School.  I then ventured into the position of Dean of Students at Newark Memorial High School and then to the Assistant Principal position.  During this time, I earned my Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Cal State East Bay.  My educational philosophy is based on developing relationships with students, parents, and staff as a foundation to build both a culture and an atmosphere that produces not only great students but great people!


Tracy Allegrotti, Dean of Counseling

I have been a Jet my whole life. Although both my parents went to that school that shall not be named-- I remember my dad singing me their fight song (yes, I do know it)-- I have always been a Jet. And, now I can say proudly I live in a house of Jets. I met my husband at this great place, and all three of our daughters are proud Jet graduates as well. The things I loved about this place in 1977 are the same things I love about it now. I love the kids, their inclusion of people, their good hearts, their incredible brains, (and on most days) their good choices. I love the compassion and caring of the entire community. I love the feeling of always being the under-dog that never gives up. I love our homecoming and our spirit. I love the diversity and the many lessons I learn here every single day about real people and real lives and real struggles and real successes. I love the fact that this is truly the best kept secret on the island, and the only people who really know it are those of us who have experienced it...we are the ones who truly know what Jet Pride is all about. 

Currently, I am the Dean of Counseling at Encinal.  I handle the master schedule, all school calendars, enrollment, tours, inter-district permits, and testing.  I also work on the website, and any other odd jobs that I am asked to do.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about these items or anything else.  If I do not know an answer, I will gladly find the person who does.

Go Jets!!

ZaRinah Tillman, Dean of Students

Greetings all!

My name is ZaRinah Tillman and I’m very excited to be a new member of the Jet Family! Here’s a little background information about me. I’m the oldest of six children, three brothers and two sisters. I was born in Washington D.C. but was raised most of my life in West Oakland. I’m also the proud mother of two very active little boys and will soon be changing my last name to Mrs. Perry! I have been in education for over 10 years, I first began my career in Oakland for two years serving as an educator for a charter school, then moved to Hayward for eight years, and now I’m proud to be an Encinal Jet as the Dean of Students.

As the Dean, I am responsible for handling most of the behavior issues that go through the Student Justice Center, which can include suspensions or detentions depending on the severity of the infraction committed. I also oversee facilities and safety throughout the campus.

What I like most about Encinal first and foremost, is the wonderful group of staff members and students and their families. I have felt nothing but a warm sense of belonging since I was first brought aboard to join the Jet Team. The atmosphere here has been very friendly since day one, making me feel at ease right away and very welcomed. (I also love the bay view next to the track by the way, my kind of view!)

I really look forward to working with everyone and having a great school year.

Go Jets!!!


Cassie Ferguson, COST (Intervention) Coordinator

Born and raised in Indiana, I earned my undergraduate degree at Indiana University and my master's degree at Dominican University. I've been at Encinal for the last ten years where I've taught grade 9-11 English, Fusion literacy, English Language Development, AP support classes, and sophomore/junior advisory. In addition to teaching in the English department, I am also the Coordination of Services Team lead facilitator.

A Coordination of Services Team (COST) is a site based multidisciplinary team composed of service providers, school administration, and school staff. Weekly COST meetings provide a regular opportunity to triage intervention requests, assess student needs, and develop and monitor interventions to ensure those needs are met.  Ultimately,  the goal is to streamline the various intervention processes used at Encinal and strengthen the lines of communication between students, their families, and staff members.  This dual role as teacher and intervention coordinator combine by two passions: rigorous educational equity and student advocacy.