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Counseling Department

Department Manager

Amy Keegan                     510.748.4023 ext. 23775

Counseling, 10th-12th Last Names A-He

Pallavi Nandakishore    510.748.4023, ext. 23777  

Counseling, 9th-12th Last Names Hi-N

Dina Derilas                    510.748.4023, ext. 23778  

Counseling, Junior Jets 6th-8th & 9th Last Names A-He

Vi Doan                            510.748.4023, ext. 23776

Counseling, 9th-12th Last Names O-Z

Ralph Nelson                  510.748.4023, ext. 23779

Counselors are willing to talk about:

Academics, College, Stress, Financial Aid, Teachers, Careers, Vocational Schools, Military,  Anxiety, Sexual orientation questions, Harrassment, Parents, Peer Pressure, Racism, Loneliness, Depression, Pop Culture, Drugs, Alcohol, Eating Disorders, Conflict with someone, Interest Inventory Tests, Scholarships, Boyfriends and Girlfriends, Equality.......

AND any other topic you want to talk about!!!



The Encinal Counseling department will offer individualized sessions for sophomores and their parent/guardians during before or after school hours. We will discuss academic plans for the remaining high school years and beyond.   For an appointment contact Amy Keegan or phone (510) 748- 4023 ext. 3110

Steps Toward College

9th Grade

  • Take required courses to meet UC and CSU's admission standards: 
    • Algebra I or Geometry
    • College Prep English
    • A foreign language
    • Biology or Chemistry
  • Take elective courses that meet CSU's admission standards:
    • History
    • English
    • Math
    • Science
    • Visual and Performing Arts
    • A foreign language
  • Join clubs, play sports, and get involved!
  • Study hard, do your homework and earn good grades  (A's and B's)
  • Think about summer courses if you need to make up D grades

10th Grade

  • Meet with your counselor to discuss college plans and review your schedule
  • Join clubs, play sports and volunteer. Take part in extracurricular activities.
  • Learn about colleges by visiting college websites and talking with your counselor.
  • Sign up for summer opportunities (jobs, internships, volunteer positions)
  • Take part in enrichment programs (music, science, engineering, writing, arts, etc.) offered at CSU campuses.
  • Continue to study hard, do your homework and earn good grades.
  • Think about summer courses if you need to make up and D grades.
  • Review with your counselor the classes you need to take the next two years to be UC/CSU eligible.

11th Grade

  •  Review with your counselor the classes you will need to take to be eligible for acceptance to the colleges you are interested in.
  • Register for the PSAT (given in October)
  • Sign up for a test prep course
  • If you will be applying to colleges which require SAT Subject Tests, register for the test in the Spring.
  • Register to take the SAT or ACT a month before you want to take the exam.
  • Register to take the AP exams in the spring. You may be eligible for college credit.
  • Continue your college search. Visit college fairs, campuses and websites.
  • Gather information about financial aid, scholarships and careers.
  • Take advantage of summer opportunities (job, internship, or volunteering)
  • Talk to college and career techs in the college and career center.
  • Study hard and earn good grades. Make up any D grades you have earned.

12th Grade

  • Make a master calendar with important dates with college application deadlines, financial aid deadlines, important test dates (ACT, SAT)
  • Meet with your counselor to make sure you are on track for graduation requirements.
  • Ask for recommendations from your teachers, or counselor. Give each person yourbrag sheet and/or resume with an addressed and stamped envelope and any required forms
  • Write your application essay and ask teachers, friends, parents, and counselor to read and provide constructive feedback.
  • Apply for scholarships. Check with your counselor or career center for information.
  • Early September: Register for the October SAT or ACT
  • October-November: Apply to the CSU or UC schools
  • Early November: Register for the December SAT or ACT if you are re-taking the exam.
  • January-March: Apply for financial aid. Apply on-line at Deadline is March 2
  • March-May: If applying to a CSU, register for the CSU's placement exam (unless you are exempt)
  • Late spring: Students taking Advanced Placement (AP) classes should take the AP exams. You can earn college for the AP courses if you score well on the test(s).
Amy Keegan (510) 748-4023 ex: 23775 Counseling Dept. Manager
What do counselors Do?

Class Schedules



Concurrent enrollment/summer enrollment

Community service hours

Weekly progress reports

Academic E's

College recommendation letters

Social/Emotional counseling

Monitor graduation requirements

Parent/teacher conferences

Referrals to Social Services agencies

Vocational/career counseling

College counseling

Great websites for Teenagers

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For Career Assessment go to

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