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Preamble (Purpose of the Club):

To motivate young people to be better citizens through the experience of the JROTC program. Through this club, cadets will improve their minds and bodies through critical thinking and physical training. Our goal is to develop better leaders.


Member Qualifications for Officers:

·         Student of Encinal High School

·         Minimum of 3 years in the JROTC program

·         Minimum GPA of 4.0


List of Officers/Roles/Responsibilities:

·         Cadet Colonel – oversees the entire Battalion/Club. PRESIDENT EMANI POLLARD

·         Cadet Lieutenant Colonel – assists the Colonel, leads the meeting, and communicates with the entire staff. VICE PRESIDENT JOCELYN MORALES

·         XO Staff– Works closely with the XO Field to create legal documents for events. Secretary BRANDON CHOW

·         XO Field– Works with the XO Staff to assist the Colonel and Lieutenant Colonel in any way possible. Assistant Secretary RAYMOND COLE-MACHUCA


·         S-1: In charge of promotions and cadets’ personal information. FANNY LIU

·         S-2: in charge of weaponry and security. ANGELO FARRINGTON

·         S-3: In charge of training schedules and keeps files for individual events. Recorder OLIVIA WOODS

·         S-4: in charge of the Supply Room. JIA BAO LEI

·         S-5: Photographer and Publicist of the club. KEILANI FINELY

·         S-6: Maintains all computers. HELEN HUYNH


Process of Election:

Cadets are promoted and recognized through the chain of command. The promotions will reflect their overall proficiency and participation in the club. Elections will be held the year prior to start of school.



Meetings are held in the Armory every Wednesday morning at 0800 hours. All minutes will be recorded and kept on file in the Armory Office.


How to put this constitution in place/return it:

By posting it up in the room where the club has its meetings. It will be displayed in a place where everyone can see it. We will all memorize the JROTC Cadet Creed and uphold its standing.