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   Name                            Club Advisor                   Club President

Art Club

-for Students to be able to express their creativity and individuality

Allison Henley

Kristy Le

Band Club

-provides Logistical information and fun events for band members

Anthony Gennaro

Danielle Payopay

Black Student Union

-to unite and encourage minorities, especially African American Students to be proud and uplifted

Kevin McNulty

Pimjai Cullison

Chinese Club

-for Chinese students to experience their culture and provide volunteering opportunities that help out local communities

Emily Pabarcus

Weifeng Guo

Clean and Green Club

-to give the youth at Encinal an opportunity for their voices to be heard in terms of making a shift to a sustainable future

Jenna Phillips

Emma Kohler

Coding Club

-exposes students to computer science

Sean Ward

Melody Ma

Content Club

-to allow students to explore creating different types of media in a larger body of connected work

Jessica Kerber

Ella Kelly



-to bring Encinal students to competitive DECA conferences and teach them how to run marketing activities


Derrick Lyons


Torin Martin

Encinal Elite Dance Team

-teaching competitive dance to students from 7-12 Grade

Marjorie Ortiz

Tecazi Smith

E-Tech E-Sports

-providing a space to play video games whether it be casually or competitively

Sean Ward

Justin Li

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

-for core values, integrity, serving, teamwork, and excellence

Joshua Linville

Jezaiah Naigulevu

Filipino Club

-to educate the student body about Filipino culture and practices

Jessica Lacaba

Tim Lacaba

JETS 717 dance

-perform at school events and provide enriching and meaningful experience for dancers within a team-centered environment

Marjorie Ortiz

Angel Smith

Journalism Club

-to gather original writing and assemble it into the school newspaper

Jeffrey Smith

Stella Madison

Encinal Key Club

-provide members with community service opportunities

Jeffrey Smith

Sarah Kohgadai


-a student run writing initiative geared toward exploring and covering hot button issues regarding the American Education System, Human Rights, etc.

Derrick Lyons

Emily Price

Model United Nations

-educating members about the world and how it works

Emily Pabarcus

Sam Der

National Honor Society

-foster an academically driven community through college admission and financial aid planning

Jessica Kerber

Zander Lack

Orchestra Club

-organizing fun activities and trips and fundraisers for its members; raising awareness about EHS Orchestra

Anthony Gennaro

Brenda Del Toro

Red Cross Club

-providing community service opportunities for club members

Cassie Ferguson

Danielle Payopay

Readers Interrupted

-read books and do lit circles

Jean Maggi

Sophia Owens

Robotics Club

-to teach students the skills needed to design, program, and compete in robotics competitions

Sean Ward

Jenny Chau