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Restorative Practice Center

Meet Our Peer Mentors

Hi, my name is Kisa Iacona and I’m a junior this year. I am involved in many clubs around the school including Political and Proud, DECA, NHS, and Red Cross. I also play lacrosse and tennis and am on the swim team. Outside of school, you can find me hanging out with friends, going to concerts, or being in nature. This is my first year as an RJC member and I am very excited to help invoke positive change in the school and in my community.

My name is Ella Kelly, I’m a senior this year and this is my second year of RJC. I have a radio show here at Encinal with my brother Luc whos also in RJC this year, I play tennis and lacrosse and I just started rugby this year. I’m a part of the Garden Club and Film club this year and I work at Paden’s afterschool program. I joined the RJC as a peer tutor and I loved the class my junior year so I joined as a proper RJC member this year. The class size is really small and it creates a community in each period that I haven't experienced in any other class before. The work we do is genuinely important and applicable and restorative justice is something everyone should be aware of because it is so necessary.

I am Donovan Blackmon and I am a senior! I was born in Oakland California and moved to Alameda in elementary. Some interesting facts about me are I'm funny and like science and history. Being an Encinal Jet made me more social because Encinal is so diverse and Encinal let you be you. This is my first year in RJC and I love it can't wait to see what we are going to do!

I am Jezaiah Naigulevu, a senior at Encinal high school. I’ve been at EHS since I was in the sixth grade all the way up until now. I play football and rugby and love being around family. I try my best to make those around me feel like they have someone that’s there for them to talk to at all times. This is my second year in the RJC and my goal for this year is to make strong connections with fellow students and assist in the creation of a safe space for all on campus!

Hi, I am Aaron Lee a junior this year! Some interesting facts about are my favorite colors are black and white. My hobbies outside of school are hangout with friends and collecting shoes. I have lived in Alameda for all my life. I came to Encinal High School as a Freshman for Wood Middle school. And the reason I joined was that my friend of mine was in RJC and recommended me to join the RJC. My goal is to help solve conflicts and help restore the bond between one and another.

Hey! I am Mariam Sultan and I finally made it to senior year! I am part of the first JJ’s to graduate through the full 6th-12th ride. I have spent seven years of my life here and through the years have grown some of the best relationships here. An interesting fact about me is that I like to cook. I may not be the best at it but I like to try my best. My hobbies are hanging out with friends after school. We love to go explore San Francisco and shop around. My friends would describe my personality as warm, inviting and bubbly. This is my first year as an RJC member, I joined this class to learn more about restorative practices because it's involved in our everyday lives. I am loving the class so far and I can't wait to see what else is in store for us! 

My name is Zoey Ericson and I'm a junior at Encinal High School. I am really enjoying this year and am so excited to be part of the RJC! I play tennis for the Encinal team and participate in the theater program as well. I am part of various student organizations ranging from Political and Proud to the Outdoors Club. Outside of school, I am involved in Bay Area Student Activists, GenUp, and P-CREW. The reason I am so drawn to the restorative justice center is that I am passionate about repairing relationships within my school community. 

Hey, my name is Samira Azam and I’m finally a senior! I am an original Junior Jet. This means our junior high program, Junior Jets first opened when I started to attend middle school. It is now my 7th year here at Encinal. An interest of mine is cosmetics, I like doing makeup on myself and others. Some would say I am a very trustworthy friend. And the reason I joined the RJC this year is that I want to help make our community a better place. My goal this year is to leave Encinal knowing I made a difference and helped give a positive impact on those who are around me. 

Hey! My name is Eli Rogers i am a junior this year. I started off in a small town called Buffalo in Texas but later moved to Alameda California where I became a Jet at Encinal High school! Some interesting facts about me are that i'm on the Varsity Football team #23 come to check us out! Outside of school, I work at Bay Island Gymnastic in Oakland. I decided to be in the Restorative Justice Center (RJC) this year because my big sister was in it before me. My goal is that I would like to make a difference in someone's life if I can even if that means just being the support they need after having a bad day. 

Hey! I’m Adia Hawthorne and i’m a senior this year. I’ve lived in Alameda for most of my life and I've been attending Encinal Jr./Sr. High for 7 years now. Some interesting things about me is that I cheered for 4 years and I am now one of the captains of the Encinal varsity cheer team. I also ran track as a sophomore and I hope to participate in it this year as well. This is my second year in the RJC and I really look forward to learning more things and to help my mentors get and stay on the right track!

Hey there! My name is Max Ponssa and I am a senior participating in my second year of the RJC! Some things I like to do outside of school are skate with my friends, go to concerts, explore new places, play guitar and drums, and watch movies. I run and jump in Track and Field and I’ve been on the team here at Encinal since my freshman year. I’m a pretty laid back guy, probably the most laid back person I know and I’m always trying to treat everyone with respect and with love and I believe I do a pretty good job at it. My favorite kinds of concerts to go to are rock and metal concerts because no matter what other music you listen to, their concerts are like no other in all the best ways. I’ve been a part of the RJC since my Junior year and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. At first, I joined the RJC because I was approached about joining it, but as soon as I started becoming more and more a part of the RJC, I fell in love with it. Now I’ve rejoined because I believe that the work we do is extremely important and detrimental to community strengthening. 


My name is Isaiah Smith, I am a senior in the Class of 2020. I’m from Oakland, California but have moved all around the Bay Area. I play football and aspire to be in the sports medicine field. Some cool facts about me are that I have 9 siblings, and 7 of us are of Jamaican descent. When I was a junior a lady named Ms. Craig told me I should join the RJC. After starting my second year now, I would say it’s been the smartest decision of my high school career. I’ve learned really useful ways of how to handle heated situations, traumatized kids, and even overly aggravated teachers. Also, always remember to put yourself in someone else's shoes before you make assumptions of them.


 My name is Trinity Wilson and I’m a senior this year. An interesting fact about me is that I’ve been attending Encinal High School since a 6th grader, my sixth-grade class was actually the first sixth grade class in the middle school program and now I’m a senior. One hobby of mine is that I’m involved in a lot of community-based events where we help out the community by providing clothes, food, music and activities for them to enjoy. This past summer I was involved in two summer programs that focused on leadership skills and group working skills. I’m in the RJC because I’m passionate about resolving conflicts and being a support system for students that attend Encinal High School.


Hi! I’m Isa Salugsugan and I'm a Senior this year. I’ve been at Encinal for 6 years now, being apart of the first Junior Jet graduating class, so I would love to give back to this community by practicing restorative justice. I cheer and play baseball for the Jets. On my free time, I like to hang out with friends and listen to music.

 I am Chloe Luchitsky and I'm a senior here at Encinal. I have been at Encinal since I was a tiny 6th grader, this year the first Jr. Jet 6th-12th class will be graduating and I'm super proud to be a part of it! I’ve lived in Alameda practically my whole life. I am bilingual knowing both Russian and English but also a little French. I enjoy traveling and have been all across Europe. I love sports and did competitive gymnastics for 10 years, and enjoy running track and swimming. I’ve been at Encinal for so long and it’s going to be a memorable year, I hope to make a positive impact here in the RJC. If you see me in the halls come and say hi!

Hello, I am AJ and I am a senior this year. I have lived in the Bay Area my entire life and love the small town of Alameda. Some sports that I enjoy is cross country & track and field. Some hobbies outside of school is Boy Scouts, Video Games, skating, and watching movies. I joined the RJC because the program is very innovative and helpful to many students who are struggling in their day to day lives, and I thoroughly enjoy helping those around me. 

I am James Conable and I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and when I was 12 years old I moved to Alameda. I went to Wood, Jr. Jets and ACLC for middle school and started at Encinal in 2017. I am on the varsity swim team and the varsity water polo team and would love to help you get involved with these sports if you want to. I really look forward to helping the people of Encinal and I look forward for 2 more years in the RJC!

Hi, I’m Luc Kelly and I’m now a sophomore at Encinal High School. I was born in Oakland, and was raised right here on the beautiful island of Alameda California! I love to be active, and it shows because I love to watch, play, and do all things baseball. I love to go hiking and camping, and the occasional hunting trip as well. I have taken Radio here at Encinal for my freshman and sophomore year. I have High hopes this year for the first time in RJC, and I will most definitely be back for the years to come.

Hello! I am Siave Kenese Pedro a junior this year! Some extracurricular of mine that I enjoy doing is I have played football since I was 9 years old, I've played rugby and did track and field. My hobbies outside of school I love having family time and hanging out with my friends. This is my third year at Encinal high school and I enjoy it. I have increased my learning skills and I have a great bond with my teachers and students I started with 3 years ago. Throughout the years I didn't know about language so I ended up taking yearbook but little did I know the Sophomore year I had a crush on French. I have enjoyed that class and am gaining a better way to learn a new language with my peers and my teachers there to guide me. My goal this year is to have a 3.5 or higher. 

My name’s Armando. I’m a senior and I’m 17 years old. I’m Mexican and a professional musician. I like playing music and listening to people rant about dumb stuff and their life issues because it makes me feel better about myself. I hang out with people that have a similar personality as mine or compliment mine fairly. I have a tight circle and I’m not interested in meeting new people as i am more than comfortable where I am and it gives me less stuff to deal with. This is my first year doing RJC and it’s been fun and educational.

I am Haashim Shaikh and I am a Junior at Encinal High! I have been in Alameda for 13 years and ended up coming to Encinal High to be a Jet. Going to Encinal High allowed me to join clubs, one being the Muslim Student Association, and good classes such as the Restorative Justice Center (RJC). In the RJC we learn to solve conflicts without getting the people involved punished in hopes of decreasing the chances of it occurring again. I am hoping to use the skills I learn at Encinal and the world to slowly make both places better long term!

My name is Antonio Lopez. I’m a Sophomore, CO 2022! Some things about me are that I play football, track and field, and rugby. I also live in Oakland. My hobbies outside of school are going home eating and sleeping. I remember last year I had Mr. Linville and at the end of the year he rapped a whole book story to us. This is my first year in the RJC and I’m in it because it seemed like a good class that helps with working with people and being able to have basic skills such as communication. This class allows me to be able to help kids/adults with their problem and helps us both become closer and be able to talk about emotions and feelings which a lot of people have trouble with. I hope to continue having a good experience and strive in the RJC.

Hey! My name is Audrey Wismar, I’m a senior here at EHS, and this is my second year in the RJC.  I love gardening, hiking, backpacking, baking, playing drums, going to concerts and watching classic films (my favorite movies are Rear Window and The Big Lebowski).  In school, I am involved in Botany Club, Model United Nations, Film Club, Leadership, and Youth Advisory Board. I look forward to this year in the RJC and getting to know y’all!

Hello! My name is Senna Garcia and I am a freshman in the RJC. I have lived in Alameda my whole life and this is my first year as a Jet! My goal at Encinal is to be involved in many activities. I am on the JV water polo team and I am planning to be part of the school musical. I am so excited to be part of the RJC this year!

My name is Devion Jackson. I am a Senior in High school. I love basketball and I run track. I am a great person for someone to talk to

My name is Jeriah Lewis. I am a senior at Encinal High School. I love sports, and play baseball inside, and outside of school. I am involved in the RJC, to exceed my understanding of restorative practices, and sharpen my skills of helping other students with problems.

Im Jeremias, I’m a Senior at Encinal and I’ve been here since 6th grade. In my spare time, I like hiking and biking. I have played water polo and have been on the swim team during my previous high school years. I have been a member of the youth advisory board for over a year. It’s my first year in RJC and I’m excited to help others. I'm really into cars and new tech. I’m very friendly so if you see me in the hallways, say Hi.

Hello, My name is Tecazi and I am currently a senior in the RJC. I love talking with people and I love listening to the different stories and experiences of others. I’m super shy sometimes but once I open up there’s no limit to the amount of creativity that comes out. 

I’m Noah Meeks and I’m a Junior Egglette staying on the sunny side up, but I’m not fried. I eat an egg every single morning. I was born in Texas and grew up in Southern California, eventually moving to Alameda in the 6th grade. Yolks on you, I like egg puns. They make eggcellent conversation starters. They have helped me break out of my shell. I enjoy cracking the main idea of egg cooking books in Egglish. If you don’t egget my puns, I’m not going to "eggsplain" them to you! Who doesn’t like some scrambled up yolks to get them through some hard-boiled times.

Glennan Bautista is a Junior and Sarai Fisher is a Senior. Both are excited to be new members of the RJC this year.