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Taking Flight

Scholastic News Magazines

We are getting 4 different Scholastic Magazines for your reading pleasure.  You also have web access to the content.  click the picture below that you're interested in then use the password: gojets2019.  Happy Reading!!


Upfront Choices  Matha Gotcha

Britannica Digital Learning

Access a library of 12 e-books just for your reading pleasure.


Britannica Digital Learning


The username is ehsjj

the password is ebooks



Divers Books
Book Movies
Award Winners

November is Native American Heritage Month

Here are a few site that will give you more information.

National Congress of American Indians

Native American Heritage Month

Here's a wonderful video form the Smithsonian about Native Peoples. 

PBS the Great American Read

The Great American Read

Watch the series and vote for your favorite book!  

Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month

Information for your pleasure. 



Hispanic Places

Famous Hispanic Americans

College Latino Heritage Projects