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Parent Resources

The New York Times has a weekly column about college admissions. It is called The Choice  and you may find it helpful to read!

How to Suport your Child in Being College Ready

  • Be involved as a parent – ask questions, talk/meet with your child’s teachers & counselors – let them know that you are interested in your child going to college.  Set CLEAR, REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS.

o   Focus on challenging coursework, leadership, community service


  • Visit college campuses (Preview Days, vacation, Cal Day) & Attend College Info sessions (at EHS or in the Bay Area)


  • Talk to your kids about what THEY are looking for in a school – big or small, rural vs. urban setting?  Extracurricular “must haves?”  Greek life?  Major of study? 

o   Remember – this is about them not you!


  •  Be realistic - CSUs are underappreciated and are a great option

o   23 CSU campuses throughout CA, often cheaper than UCs, easier admission requirements

o   Don’t limit your options based on “reputations” of UCs or CSUs


  • Transcripts matter – “C” or better in all A-G coursework!  Any grade below a “C” in an academic class is a PROBLEM, but if caught in advance, can be fixed.  (Summer class, Cyber High, BYU online)


  • All college-bound students must take an SAT or ACT standardized test by December of their senior year (at the latest!)


  • The Community College Transfer Option – maturity (academic & social/emotional) Clean Slate, save $$

o   Often easier to get into a UC as a transfer student


  • Helpful Websites